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The crew over at RoadTrippers.com put together 8 Facts About Washington DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival and included one of my images taken during last years celebration (highlighted under point #1). Take a quick look as it gives some valuable insight on the festival, both if you’re curious or if you’re planning a trip to our National Capitol to see the beautiful show of color.

Or if you want to check out the post from my coverage last years Festival, click on National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC


Patterson Park in the spring is always a fun sight to see and photograph, as the landscape is constantly changing. Over the past couple of days, the yellow pedal wild flowers (I don’t dare call them a weed as they make for such a beautiful ground cover) have been sprouting up within the grass fields all over the park.

I took a low vantage point to help highlight the yellow beauties and below are a couple of my favorite images from my time rolling around in the grass …

Yellow | Patterson Park | © Jay Moore Photography

Yellow | Patterson Park | © Jay Moore Photography

Shenandoah National Park | Spring Stroll | VIDEO

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation as I take you on a quiet stroll through Shenandoah National Park …

Shades of a Mediterranean Sunset

Shades of a Mediterranean Sunset | © Jay Moore Photography

Sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea are a beautiful sight to view anytime of year, as the colors of the sky and sea explode with all shades of colors. I loved how on this particular sunset the colors were soft and transitioned from blues in the sea to purples, reds, oranges, yellows and greens … before coming back again to shades of blues in the upper sky.

The clouds and there position within the scene create interest within the final image. I can see this in some sort of commercial collateral with the clouds representing a comparison of a product or concept.

Shenandoah National Park | Spring

Shenandoah National Park is always a beautiful place to visit and my wife and some friends took the trip to Virginia this past weekend to take in the beginning of spring along Skyline drive. We stayed down in the valley near Luray and also visited the Luray Caverns during our long weekend, which was a location that had many fascinating sights (a few images from that adventure coming soon).

It was the first time we’ve visited Shenandoah during the early spring and although the higher elevation canopy hasn’t begun to open, the sights and sounds were breathtaking as usual. The forest floor was bursting with activity, as the purple, yellow and white violets were in full bloom …

Shenandoah National Park | Forest Floor | © Jay Moore Photography

Shenandoah National Park | Forest Floor | © Jay Moore Photography

Check back later this week for additional images and a short video of sights and sounds of Shenandoah in the early spring …

Tree In Spring Bloom | VIDEO

Last week I showcased an image of a tree that I’ve been scouting for several weeks to photograph … And to start off this week, I bring you the video of that tree. So, sit back and enjoy some sights and sounds of Patterson Park.

And make sure to adjust the video ‘setting’ to 720pHD to see it in High Definition …

Tree In Spring Bloom | Patterson Park

Tree In Spring Bloom | Patterson Park | © Jay Moore Photography

I always enjoy revisiting an element of nature at different times of the year, such as with the tree above (which is possibly my favorite tree to view and photograph within Patterson Park). It has a great canopy with a beautiful trunk and has some open space around it so you can see the entire tree without any obstructions.

When capturing a single element of nature during different times of year, it really comes down to scouting, observing and patience. I’ve been keeping my eye on this tree for the past couple of weeks, waiting for its bright, green shoots to appear. I also needed to wait for the correct combination of a deep blue sky and a few white puffy clouds. The three came together yesterday, so I grabbed my gear and headed into the park and captured several frames of the spring bloom.

If you want to check out the tree in a different season, CLICK ON THIS LINK to see how it looks in the middle of winter.

Cherry Blossom Festival | VIDEO

Sit back, relax and enjoy a trip around the 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC …

AND … for those not seeing the video in HD, make sure to adjust the ‘setting’ quality to 720pHD.


New vs. Old

New vs. Old | © Jay Moore Photography

Rome is a wonderful city which has sights that can be a visual feast upon your eyes. The city embraces the old world while focusing on the advancements of today.

The image above showcases such an encounter, as new continues its relentless pursuit against old. The birth of the new spring (blooming poppy flowers) once again shows its face against old world (Roman ruins) in a battle that has been occurring for many hundreds of years.

I love the softness and beauty of the bright red flowers and lush green grass versus the harshness and monotone colors of the ancient ruins. An image (and potential print) that can showcase ones understanding on how to learn from your past, while living for today.

National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC are a sight you have to see at least once in your lifetime. There is such great energy throughout the walk around the tidal basin and the blossoms don’t disappoint as they provide one great scene after another.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate perfectly during my time in DC, as it was overcast the entire time, it didn’t stop me. Sometimes you have to make adjustments in the field, so I changed my game plan and refocused my energy on other elements of the scene and captured different types of images (and video) from what I originally planned to photograph.

Below are a few highlight images from my walk. And make sure to back again soon to see my highlight video of the cherry blossoms …

Some of my favorite parts of my walk where the images of the new growth coming directly out of the gnarled trunks of the ancient trees …

Love was in the air as many couples strolled hand and hand around the tidal basin …

Most everyone was snapping images and video with any type of device they had … DSLR, point and shoot, phone, iPad and even a helmet cam …

The canopy provided one beautiful wide angle image after another …

There was no wrong way to enjoy the scene, as seen here with some people relaxing, some walking and some talking …

A few folks took in the scene on two wheels, gliding through the white and pink pedals …

While others slowly meandered along on foot …

And if your eyes are open, sometimes you can see unspoken elements of life right in front of you …

National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC

National Cherry Blossom Festival | Washington DC | © Jay Moore Photography

2012 marks the Centennial for the gift of trees in which 3,000 cherry trees where given to Washington DC by Toyko, Japan. The beautiful gifts are not only an annual event showcasing the start of spring, but are a historical reminder of the friendship between the two countries.

I had the opportunity and pleasure spending the day within the gorgeous blooming beauties soaking up one amazing site after another. And what’s amazing is that a 100 years later, several of the original trees still stand strong, blooming along side there younger counter parts around the tidal basin. The image above is taken through new blossoms from those original grouping of trees.

It’s still not too late to see the show, as they’re peaking now and should continue to be full of blossoms throughout this weekend. If you live in the area, I highly recommend taking a day to our nations capitol to enjoy the sights for yourself.

If you can’t make it, check back again tomorrow for additional images from my time within the cherry blossoms …

Weeping Cherry Tree | Patterson Park

Weeping Cherry Tree | Patterson Park | © Jay Moore Photography

The weeping cherry tree that lives in Patterson Park showcases its bright white and pink pedals for only about a 3-5 day period during the early spring. And I was able to enjoy and photograph one of its peak days early this week as its blossoms burst onto the scene.

I wanted to emphasis the long branches, as it’s one of the unique features of the tree. So, I positioned myself extremely close to the blossoms and maneuvered into a position where one branch left some space to showoff the background behind (pagoda and tulip trees).

Continue to check back for additional images of the colors of spring …