Project 365 | 130305 | Tree Bark

Tree bark seems to always attract my eye, as I love the shape, texture and movement that it showcases. And on this day, the sky was a brilliant winter blue with shafts of soft light coming through the trees branches, creating a scene that shows off that wonderful tree bark within its environment.

Project 365 | 130305 | Tree Bark | © Jay Moore Photography

Project 365 | 120215 | Fallen Tree

A few months back when hurricane Sandy came barreling through our part of the country it took down several large trees throughout our neighborhood. A few big oaks were blown over in the forested area near our home and on my photo walk today I felt it was finally time to photograph the large root balls that were torn up from the earth.

I decided to put on my wide angle lens, get low and photograph back up into the root system, to include the larger trees that were surrounding it.

Project 365 | 130215 | Fallen Tree | © Jay Moore Photography

Project 365 | 130129 | Bark

Tree bark can create very interesting texture and patterns when photographed closely. Capturing these type of images are also great for composite images when you need to include a background texture.

To create both movement and visual interest within this somewhat basic scene, I used an angled lighting pattern to ensure highlights next to shadows, thus textural depth within the bark. I also photographed it with my camera at a slight angle at f/1.2 to create focal depth within the image.

Project 365 | 130129 | Bark | © Jay Moore Photography

Tree Roots

When out on a photo walk/hike, I’m always trying to keep my eyes open for more than just the sweeping landscape scene, for example, the smaller things that live near your feet. Those details along the way can be just as interesting and help you create dramatic images that showcase texture and shape.

The image below are knurled tree roots that I found interesting. I loved the pattern of the grain and its texture, especially where it turns almost 180 degrees. I positioned it to include the small hole within the roots, as it helps balance the scene.

Tree Roots | © Jay Moore Photography

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Merced River | Morning Light

Bends in the river are always something to take note of when photographing an area, especially if you can get yourself to a vantage point above the river, giving your images a feeling that you’re floating over it.

In the image below, I scouted and found the location within Yosemite National Park and came back to it several times during my stay. And on one of the crisp mornings when the light hit the lower trees, it showcased a beautiful reflection in the calm Merced River.

Morning Light | Merced River | © Jay Moore Photography

Big Trees

Some of the biggest trees in the world live within Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Central California. They’re Sierra redwoods and can reach as high as 250 to 300 feet into the sky, with the tallest being roughly 325 feet from the ground. Almost more impressively however, is the fact that they can grow as large as 30 feet in diameter at the base, which translates to over 94 feet in circumference.

Locations like Big Trees are always a pleasure to visit, as its environment oozes with great energy that lets your mind and body relax, while letting your spirit connect with an ancient past.

Calaveras Big Trees S.P. | © Jay Moore Photography

Tree | Zion National Park

Today I bring you another installment from my Tree series … This one is from within Zion National Park. When I came upon this tree growing high up on the peak of the cliff, I got slightly lucky as the clouds, which were changing by the minute the entire day, came together perfectly to help make the tree pop against the dramatic sky. I converted the final image to black and white and then toned it slightly to create a warmer scene, which matched the feeling of the location.

Tree | Zion National Park | © Jay Moore Photography

Keep checking back from time to time for additional images from my Tree series …

Tree In Spring Bloom | VIDEO

Last week I showcased an image of a tree that I’ve been scouting for several weeks to photograph … And to start off this week, I bring you the video of that tree. So, sit back and enjoy some sights and sounds of Patterson Park.

And make sure to adjust the video ‘setting’ to 720pHD to see it in High Definition …

Tree In Spring Bloom | Patterson Park

Tree In Spring Bloom | Patterson Park | © Jay Moore Photography

I always enjoy revisiting an element of nature at different times of the year, such as with the tree above (which is possibly my favorite tree to view and photograph within Patterson Park). It has a great canopy with a beautiful trunk and has some open space around it so you can see the entire tree without any obstructions.

When capturing a single element of nature during different times of year, it really comes down to scouting, observing and patience. I’ve been keeping my eye on this tree for the past couple of weeks, waiting for its bright, green shoots to appear. I also needed to wait for the correct combination of a deep blue sky and a few white puffy clouds. The three came together yesterday, so I grabbed my gear and headed into the park and captured several frames of the spring bloom.

If you want to check out the tree in a different season, CLICK ON THIS LINK to see how it looks in the middle of winter.