Revisited – St. Mary’s Lake | Glacier National Park

This post stems from a new client who contacted me about purchasing a print of my St. Mary’s Lake image for their offices. However, they wanted to see the color version instead of the black and white version that I posted on my blog a few months ago and is currently highlighted within my portfolio on my main site.

So, I happily sent along a proof of the color version to see which direction they wanted to go. And when they selected the color version I went to work to finalize the ‘revisited’ scene. They were also looking for something more ‘panoramic’ so I cropped it with a 1×2 ratio, giving it slight pano feel. Below are the two different versions …

REVISITED IMAGE (Color and cropped with 1×2 ratio) …

St. Mary’s Lake | Color | © Jay Moore Photography

Original edit in black and white …

St. Mary’s Lake | Black & White | © Jay Moore Photography

Print Purchase: If you’re interested in purchasing a photographic print, the image above (and all images posted on my blog) are available in all sizes. Please email be directly through the ‘contact Jay’ link located at the top of the page.

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