Project 365 | 131211 | Candy Cane Forest

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas lights for as long as I can remember and since my wife and I have plenty of yard to decorate, I figured this was the year to have fun with some outside lights.

The plan hatched with my wife and I standing in our front window trying to think of a way to highlight some of our front forest area, both so we could see it and it could be shared with the neighborhood. The phrase, ‘walked through the seven-layers of the candy cane forest’ popped into our heads from the movie Elf with Will Ferrell (which our family watches each Christmas season) and it instantly stuck. After a run to the local store to pick up some white and red mini-lights and several hours on a tall ladder, we created a little candy cane forest in our front yard …

Project 365 | 131211 | Candy Cane Forest | © Jay Moore Photography

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