“Spring Walk”

Spring Walk | © Jay Moore Photography

One of the best time of the year to live in the city is during the spring, as the trees and bushes begin to pop with beautiful colors and people come out from their winter hibernation to enjoy a stroll in the park.

I have many different areas around Patterson Park that I revisit each season to photograph and one of those areas are the magnolia trees near the iconic Pagoda. Each spring, I grab my camera and spend a few hours at the location soaking up its beauty. I do it for two reasons, to visit a scene that I’ve photographed many times before (like seeing an old friend) and to try and capture the scene in a different way then I haven’t in the past. For the image above, I found a fresh new spot that gave me an ants perspective. And then I waited patiently for the right people to walk through the scene to capture the feeling of a spring time stroll.

ISO 400 | f5.0 | 1/60 sec | 24 mm

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