Hotel Abstract

Hotel Abstract | © Jay Moore Photography

I’ve enjoyed photographing buildings ever since I lived in New York City a few years back … Mostly because you can have lots of fun finding different lines and shapes with each structure.

When photographing buildings, it’s important to be careful with the vertical and horizontal lines, as they should not converge on each other, but instead should maintain a true line (unless of course you’re trying to converge the lines). I always go with the rule that if I’m doing something where the lines need to be straight, I make sure they’re perfectly straight. If I’m going for something were the lines converge, then I make sure it’s obvious and not somewhere in between.

In the scene above, I waited patiently out on our hotel patio for the right moment, as many people were coming on and off of their patio across the way. The man in the image was only alone for a brief moment before someone joined him and I was only able to snap off a few frames. But, I knew what I was looking for before he arrived, so I was able to get the shot I had envisioned. I like how the man is looking back down into the scene, making the viewers eyes move throughout the photograph.

ISO 400 | f7.1 | 1/160 sec | 100 mm

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