Marco Island

Marco Island | © Jay Moore Photography

Marco Island is a beautiful area of the country, nestled along the gulf coast on the tip of Florida. The crescent moon, shell beach provides many picturesque scenes and my wife and I experienced many of them on our recent trip there.

In the scene above, the storm clouds were clearing over head, which created a gorgeous sunset and a great opportunity to photograph part of the beach with a golden light. I decided to minimize the coastline and showoff the massive sky, which helps create drama within the image.

And as a reminder when you’re on vacation or on a photo walk, just because it’s raining (or you’re within a severe thunderstorm), it doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay that way through sunset. The most beautiful sunsets appear right after a passing thunderstorm. So, don’t put your camera away and head to dinner, wait it out a bit longer, because if the clouds open up the light will bring you many beautiful images.

ISO 100 | f10 | 1/160 sec

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