Italian Motion

Motion | © Jay Moore Photography

Motorcycle and scooter riders are everywhere around Italy’s major cities, as it’s a very economical way to get around. And since parking is almost impossible, it makes it much easier to slip their bike into almost any open space along the street or sidewalk.

In the image above, I used a swivel technique to create motion within the bike rider, since sometimes motion is what you want to achieve with your final image (not stoping the action like the example in my last post). This technique is a little tricky, as it does take some practice to get it perfect. First you want to set your shutter to a slower than normal speed for the action that you’re photographing. Try and keep your aperture around f5.6 or f8. Set your ISO to expose a properly exposed image. Now the fun begins. To create the blurred background, you will need to swivel your camera with your subject as they pass by you, trying to move at the same speed. If done correctly, the subject will maintain sharp, while the background creates a sense of motion. Hint: start swiveling prior to pressing the shutter button and continue swiveling after the shutter has closed, as this will help you get better results.

Also, if you incorporate an off camera flash powerful enough to stop the action and still maintain the above camera settings, you will get much more predictable results. The flash will record the subject as stopped, while the camera’s longer shutter speed will continue to record the background as you swivel with the subject, creating motion.

ISO 100 | f6.3 | 1/40 sec | 120 mm

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