How To: Capturing Still Life While On Vacation (Amaryllis)

Just because you don’t have a studio, doesn’t mean you can’t produce studio quality images with what you have. Below is an example of a still life shoot (that I did for myself) to capture the beautiful amaryllis that my wife had been growing for several weeks within our home.

On a recent trip to Western Maryland, in which we took the amaryllis with us to enjoy its peek bloom during vacation, I found myself with no studio or backdrop. So, I improvised with what I had (I tend to travel with my flashes and lighting stands when on vacation so that wasn’t an issue).

Below is the set-up I used within the home we were staying. It was down a small hallway that had three rooms separating off it. I used the back door as my backdrop (white-closed and black-open), camera right room to set up my lighting and camera left door (closed) as was my reflector (since it was white, it reflected light back onto my subject to act as a fill light)

How To | Amaryllis | © Jay Moore Photography

Below is an image with the door closed, creating a white backdrop …

Amaryllis | © Jay Moore Photography

Below is an image (which was highlighted a few days back, CLICK HERE to see post) I photographed in the same position as in the set-up above, but I opened the bedroom door, which created a black background since no light was getting into the room.

Amaryllis | © Jay Moore Photography

So, if you think you need a professional studio with tons of space to photograph still life in your home (or while on vacation) you don’t. So, grab your camera and lighting and go have fun this weekend with photographing some still life.

Gear: 5DMII with 70-200mm Canon L, Quantum QFlash 5DR triggered with Pocket Wizards.

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  1. rose M J.

    Hi Jay,
    I have been enjoying my Amaryllis for weeks also. I like the white background best for your color of bloom. Mine was deep red/orange and I took shots every few days.
    I had 8 big blooms on 2 stalks…which were
    at a max for about 24 hrs….what a striking and beautiful flower. I like yours too!

    January 22, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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