Meghan + David | A Loving Kiss

Meghan + David | © Jay Moore Photography

I love capturing candid moments of the wedding couple during their special day. These single moments when the couple is unaware that I’m photographing them tends to be what my wedding clients like most from the images that I capture on a wedding day … Along with the fact that these images are why they book me in the first place, since that is my style of photography when covering a wedding.

To capture these type of images, I move to a location where I’m somewhat blocked or hidden from view of the couple, sometimes even hiding behind another couple dancing (such as in the image above of Meghan and David dancing during their reception). This approach lets the couple relax and gives them a feeling as if they don’t need to be ‘on’ for the camera. The key to the entire process is patience. I hold my camera in position as long as it takes until the couple creates an image that I feel tells the story.

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