When visiting national parks I normally take several of the main trails to the view points or places of interest. And one of my favorite parts of hiking such trails is the journey that takes you to the final destination (in this case a view point). However, some folks don’t soak up this section of the hike, as they basically run up a the trail with their heads down trying to get to the top as fast as they can. My approach is to enjoy the path and the many viewpoints along the accent, so when you get to the main destination you’ve already experienced many beautiful things and inspiring views.

Below is an image of such a hike within Zion National Park. The u-shaped valley is guarded by stunning cliffs that rise thousands of feet straight up from the winding river floor. At the beginning of one of the hikes we took, we had front row seats to some views that showcased these incredible masses of nature.

Cliffs | © Jay Moore Photography

Here’s to enjoying every step along your journey …

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