Mittens By Moonlight

As many folks understand in concept, but sometimes not as much within photography … The moon is the sun … In terms of light (I know my wife and my good friends in Oregon just got a small laugh as I’ve made that comment many times when doing night photography). And as I’ve discussed before on my blog, the moon’s albedo (percentage of light reflecting the sun) is roughly 7%, which can be a great light source when photographing at night. In the image below, the light coming from camera left is the rising moon, which helps illuminate the monument valley landscape, while still giving me the opportunity to show the night stars.

Mittens By Moonlight | © Jay Moore Photography

It can be very tricky to use the moons light within landscape photography, but after some practice you can keep snapping the shutter well after the sun goes down … Click on the following link to check out another example of one of my night photography scenes, where I used the full moon to illuminate the landscape …Yosemite Falls By Full Moon

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  1. jeff

    i did get a little smile from that..great shot btw

    May 12, 2012 at 10:52 am

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