Canadian Rockies | Ordaray Mountain

The image below is another reminder that just because you have an unfavorable weather forecast, morning clouds, rain or a potential thunderstorm, to continue with your photography plans. For my wife and I, we were going to take the trip up to the Lake O’Hara region no matter what mother nature threw at us. However, the day before our big trip, to arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, there was rain and thunderstorms in the forecast.

We woke that morning and stayed positive (unlike the night before when the photographer of the family was slightly cranky), caught the permit only bus up to Lake O’Hara and made our way up to the Alpine circuit. Because we got somewhat lucky and there were building clouds throughout the afternoon, some puffy whites and some storm, it provided for spectacular skies (even though we knew those skies could turn on us at any moment and cut our hike short). The sun kept popping from behind those clouds throughout the day, and when we turned one corner of our hike, we got an amazing view of Ordaray Mountain bathed in partial sunlight. I switched out to a longer lens (70-200mm) to compress the scene to showcase the mountain range against the amazing sky.

Canadian Rockies | Ordaray Mountain | © Jay Moore Photography

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