Lake O’Hara Region | Alpine Circuit

The Lake O’Hara region is a special area of the world and is a must see location if you visit the Canadian Rockies. It does take some planning as its a protected area with only 42 day hikers per day getting permits, which must be obtained by calling ahead 3-months to the day that you plan on visiting the area. The call can take up to several hours and hundreds of redials, but the time on the phone is fully worth it, as 3-months later you’ll be hiking one of the most inspirational trails that you’ll ever set foot on.

The below image is from along the Huber Ledges Alpine section of the Alpine Circuit, where you can see the chain of glacier lakes from Lake Oesa on the left, down to Lake O’Hara on the right, with Lefroy Lake, Victoria Lake and Yukness Lake in between. The day of our hike had storm clouds rolling into the area and threatened to potential ruin our hiking trip, but we pushed on and the clouds provided for some dramatic scenes and the rain and thunder held off until that night when we were off the mountain side.

Lake O’Hara Region | © Jay Moore Photography

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