Valley of the Ten Peaks & Larch Valley

Valley of the Ten Peaks and the Moraine Lake area have one spectacular view after another, including the stunning hike up to Sentinel Pass, which takes you through Larch Valley. The views begin to open up as you plod through the valley with grand views of Valley of the Ten Peaks showing itself as you entire into the alpine section.

My wife and I actually took the trail on two different occasions, as we both feel in love with it on our first ascent to the top of Sentinel Pass. So, on our last day in the Canadian Rockies we decided to take a side trip to Larch Valley after spending the morning hiking to Eiffel Lake. During our first hike through the area, we enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers and awe-inspiring views, however, I realized after the hike that I missed one particular image. I didn’t capture any scenes with the many calm, small lakes that dot larch valley. So, on our second trip up, I focused upon the reflections of the small lakes and after working the area, I found myself in front of a piece of wood and a few rocks with some of the best scenery in the world as the back ground.

Valley of the Ten Peaks | Larch Valley | © Jay Moore Photography

The image above is another reminder that you have to work the scene no matter where you are, keep moving your feet and try to find a slightly different image from the one you just took. It was roughly 15-20 minutes before I finished with the above scene. If I would have just taken one image of this small lake, it would resulted in just an average image, but with persistence I was able to capture a scene that ended up being one of my favorites during our time in the Rockies.

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