Journey | People In Nature

When my wife and our good friends were on the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park, which is a trail I highly recommend experiencing at least once in your life, I used our time to capture some scenes of people in nature. It’s a series of images that I’ve been thinking about for some time and with our trip to the Rockies this summer, it gave me a perfect opportunity to begin capturing beautiful landscape images with signs of people within the scene.

I love how the path seems to blend into the river below, looking as if the valley is a continuation of the Highline Trail. It feels as if the people along the trail are on a great journey to somewhere unknown, which could be used commercially to showcase a businesses pursuit of finding bigger and better things within their industry.

Journey | © Jay Moore Photography

Continue to check back for additional images of ‘People In Nature’ as my wife and our close friends help me capture additional images in the Rockies …

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