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The hike up to Eiffel Lake goes right up the Valley of the Ten Peaks and is a wonderful second hike within the area. It’s second only to the day hike up to Sentinel Pass and actually shares the beginning of the trail before spurring off about 1.5 miles up the switchbacks. As soon as you break through into the alpine section the trail provides one amazing view after another of the surrounding peaks. The 11,000 feet-plus mountains hover over your every step, reminding you that you’re in a place like no other.

I wanted to capture natures size and power of the area and decided including a person would help with the perspective. I used a longer zoom lens to compress the scene of the mountainous background to the foreground of my wife on the Eiffel Lake trail. Make sure to click on the image to get a larger version of the scene.

Walk In Paradise | People In Nature | © Jay Moore Photography

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