Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a popular destination within the Canadian Rockies. And after you’ve had a chance to visit this amazing part of the world, you can see why. It’s a little more commercialized than the other areas around Banff National Park, but as soon as you get away from the crowds of the famous Fairmount Chateau (seen in the image below) and up on the trails, the crowds thin out and the scenes improve.

We took the Plain of the Six Glaciers hike later in the day, since the crowds would be smaller and the lighting is in a better position to highlight Lake Louis and the surrounding mountain tops. When we stopped at the teahouse, which is a quint little two story building and located at 6,857 feet, we were one of the only people sipping our tea and hot chocolate and had the best table in the place which included amazing views of Victoria and Lefroy Glacier’s. We continued past the teahouse to the prospect, which is just a little further up the trail and is well worth the extra effort as it gives you sweeping views of the valley below, along with close-ups of the multiple glaciers that sit atop the monstrous peaks. Below is an image down the valley onto Lake Louise. You can even see the teahouse in the bottom left hand corner, just follow the small trail to the square looking structure in the trees …

Lake Louise | Banff National Park | © Jay Moore Photography

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