Columbia Icefield and Wildflowers

The Icefields Parkway is something that you must explore for at least one day while visiting Banff and/or Jasper National Park in Canada. The drive is absolutely spectacular and if you make it a long day trip, you can take in a couple of beautiful hikes to break up your driving. One hike that must be taken is Wilcox Pass, as it gives you sweeping views of the Columbia Icefields.

A big storm was rolling in and my wife and I were hiking quickly to try and stay ahead of the bad weather. And even though the storm eventually cut our hike and photography short, the images that led up to it was worth it, including the image below with wildflowers in the foreground and the Columbia Icefields looming in the distance. The icefield feeds eight major glaciers, including the Athabasca Glacier (middle) and Dome Glacier (right), seen in the image below.

Columbia Icefield | Icefields Parkway | © Jay Moore Photography

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