Glacier Water | Moraine Lake

Glacier lakes are a beautiful sight to see. The color of the water can be a variety of different shades, as it depends on the amount of glacier sediment within the lake in combination with how that sediment settles within the water. The calmer the water, the more those particles can settle and better reflect the light and sky, creating interesting shades of blue and green.

Moraine Lake is made from almost a perfect scenario. It has a high amount of glacier sediment, as it’s located within a bowl of glaciers. And it’s also somewhat protected at where the rushing glacier sediment water enters the lake, which helps keep the water calm. These two elements in combination helps give Moraine Lake an amazing shade of turquoise water, especially when it’s viewed on a bright, clear sunny day, such as in the image below.

And the piece of wood within the scene is floating on top of the calm water, creating an almost abstract image.

Glacier Water | Moraine Lake | © Jay Moore Photography

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