Avalanche Gorge | Glacier National Park

The Avalanche Lake Trail is a beautiful hike that includes an amazing view of the lake at the half-way point of your trip. However, the beginning and end of the trail (since it’s an out and back trail) takes you along Avalanche Gorge, where Avalanche Creek rushes through a narrow slit of hard rock, creating interesting shapes and forms.

My sturdy tripod was a fixture on all of our hikes during our visit to Glacier National Park and was a vital piece of equipment in capturing the fast moving water of Avalanche Gorge, since I wanted to blur the water with longer exposures. The image below was captured with a 2.5 second exposure at ISO 100 and f22, creating great depth of field while giving the water a flowing sensation throughout the scene.

Avalanche Gorge | Glacier National Park | © Jay Moore Photography

Hiking Insight: This is a very popular trail and is considered a somewhat easier hike within GNP, as it’s roughly 4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of about 600 feet. This is a great afternoon hike, as the main cliffs that surround the lake faces west, so starting the hike at or after lunch time is recommended. This is also a great hike to combine with another smaller hike that can be taken in the morning, such as Hidden Lake near Logan Pass.

Research Insight: We used both the Vicky Spring’s book (Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park: A Complete Recreation Guide) and our iphone App (HIKE – Glacier National Park) throughout our time in Glacier National Park and I highly suggest purchasing them both before your visit.

Print Purchase: If you’re interested in purchasing a photographic print, the image above (and all images posted on my blog) are available in all sizes. Please email be directly through the ‘contact Jay’ link located at the top of the page.

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