Wildflowers | Glacier National Park

One of the most spectacular parts of visiting Glacier National Park is the site of all the wild flowers that live within the alpines. As the snow melts and gives way to these colorful beauties, they provide a colorful explosion for your eyes, as you scan the small trail traversing the high altitude hikes. They are not only great for creating interesting foregrounds in large landscape images, but I had an wonderful time photographing them within their own environment on the ground. Below is an image of some nice Castilleja (Indian Paintbrush) within a sea of wildflowers.

I adjusted my settings within my camera (Canon) so I could easily move my cameras dial to C1 to capture the wildflowers without needing to adjust my landscape settings, which normally stayed around f/13 (give or take a few stops). I set C1 to f2.8, so when I came across a scene that I wanted to capture, I turned the dial, composed the scene and fired away. It was a great way to capture these beautiful pieces of nature without having to make major adjustments to my settings along the trail. When I was completed with photographing the scene, I turned the dial back to ‘M’ and was ready to capture my next large landscape image.

Wild Flowers | Glacier National Park | © Jay Moore Photography

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