Athabasca Glacier

The glaciers along the Icefield Parkways are an amazing site to see, as one mountain of glacier wall after another come in to view with every turn. One of the most condensed area of these glaciers are within the Columbia Icefields, which contains eight major glaciers, including Athabasca Glacier, shown below.

The glacier, one of the most grand of the set and the easiest to view (and walk on, as you can see several buses of tourist exploring the glacier within the image below) is another example of how global warming is changing the landscape of this world. Athabasca Glacier currently recedes at about 7-10 feet a year and has shrunk by almost one entire mile over the past 125 years, losing roughly half of its volume within that time. The Icefield Interpretive Centre, which sits right across the street includes many images taken from decades earlier, helping you see the major shifts that have occurred throughout the years.

Athabasca Glacier | Icefields Parkway | © Jay Moore Photography

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