Lake Louise Morning Light

Lake Louise is a wonderful place to visit most anytime of the day, but is especially beautiful during the sunrise. It’s the best time to soak up the lake and surrounding Canadian Rockies because during the morning hours it showcases some amazing light while you’re only sharing the scene with a handful of other folks, versus hundreds of people later in the morning. That is why I highly recommend setting you alarm clock early, grab a cup of coffee and get to this location a few minutes prior to sunrise … You’ll not be disappointed.

When I arrived on this particular morning, there was a red canoe in the lake paddling around. It was the only one on the lake and I thought it would work perfectly for some interest in the foreground. So, I found a spot along the edge of the lake quickly composed the scene to showcase the glacier and its reflection in the lake, made sure to include the rising moon and then waited for the canoe to move into the position I wanted, then I snapped off a few frames.

Lake Louise Morning Light | © Jay Moore Photography

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